just like honey

August 3, 2009

okay, so it’s been another 6 months since the last blog
well, i’ve kind of found another, more enjoyable blog.
actually, i think i’ve only been using it for about a month, maybe less.
i didn’t really have the urge to express myself or journal my rambuncious thoughts until recently.
i guess because so much has happened. again.
just so much emotional scratch-n-sniff

so here ya go.
this is my last entry.
i’m sure i will forget about wordpress. like i have.

so if you care about anything i have to say from here on out, check out my new blog (ahg, i hate that stupid term) at freedomorfate.tumblr.com



well dear God

January 26, 2009

i haven’t written in over five months.

i’m not gonna lie, i didn’t entirely forget about this thing. i just didn’t feel like contributing to cyber blogging space anymore.

but now that i’ve taken a 5 month hiatus and skimmed my previous blogs that made emotions and memories resurface, i’ve decided to contribute once more. maybe even for a steady period of time this go around.

so. it is now monday. and i have school today. woo bloo. good thing it’s at 12:30..get to sleep in!!

okay, so a LOT has happened over the past five months. ya know, i started college. made new friends. kept some of the old ones. and blah blah blah.

i can’t possibly fit in every emotion or event that has happened, nor can i really sum them up. i will try, but i’m not going to pretend it’ll be easy.

how bout i just describe some of the most memorable things? okay? okay.

1. kelsey driving backwards through a wendy’s drive-thru

[serioulsy one of the funniest moments of my life]

2. flat tire on halloween somewhere in atlanta

[another funny but dangerously cold moment..i mean it was 20 degrees outside!]

3. shenea moving, and me staying.

[we don’t hang out much anymore]

4. lauren leaving for college and pretty much forgetting all about me

[this solely breaks my heart. i miss my best friend]

5. late waffle ho trips with the gang

[gang meaning well, any of my friends that wants to go, but mostly means randall]

6. seeing caleb for the first time in 4 years

[it felt like no time had passed…but then it got sour]

7. freaking stressful art projects

[i don’t even know how much money i spent on out of class stuff]

8. 3 am hair dying parties

[tommy, alyssa, ry..you owe me ;)]

9. kennesaw mountain?! cops?!

[the clouds got in the way of the stars]

10. staying up till 4am for a next morning 8 am english class

[mike, marc, serven, you all share the pain and joy]

11. fall retreat 08!!!

[met some awesome people. love ya k, m, and n]

and there ya have it. some memories that are just so darn memorable.

and more to come. hopefully i won’t forget about this little thingy.


let’s just be friends

August 6, 2008

so it’s really late….

i need to sleep because i have to work at nine thirty tomorrow. oh well. i just thought i’d share a cute flickr account thingy i rather enjoy looking at. the girl behind the clothes and photos seems sweet and knows how to put an outfit together..to say the least.

so here’s some photos. check it out. along with my boring account.



bloo blee blah blah blah

sisterhood 2 is tomorrow and I AM SO EXCITED. and justin and i, well, it’s been worked out.

sweetest dreams.



August 5, 2008

i don’t really know what to say.

i literally am so cheesy and bad with words.

i suck at writing anything emotional or not.

i have a lot of mixed feelings for a lot of different things.

today was the first day of high school around here. and i finally feel grown up because i am not there.

while everyone else was eating lunch in the crowded cafeteria, trying to make a new friend in the class where they knew no one, and pushing people in the halls simply because they’re now seniors, i was at work. doing some chores i was asked, and finishing this book i started yesterday.

it’s called “promise not to tell” and sounds extremely cheesy due to the title, but was actually a really suspenseful, chilling, scary, and interesting page turner. well, up until the last chapter, where the author bombed with the conclusion. i mean, to a avid murder/mystery reader like myself, the killer in this book was easy to figure out. and the confrontation in the end was just…disappointing at the very least. anywho,

waffle house was fun last night with randall. we got stuffed off chocolate chip and blueberry waffles, milk, and coffee. then just had fun. and tomorrow i work. and the next day. and then i go camping with a christian group from my new college(!!) where i know nobody and then this weekend i go to visit my aunt in charelston. so this week should be interesting and fun. we’ll see.

so now i shall go and try to finish reading “new Moon” although it really doesn’t interest me and i feel i am wasting my life every minute i read it. but i have to finish something i start, so i will. no matter how many times it bores me to sleep. literally.


okay okay okay

July 29, 2008

so last night me and lauren went to go see wolf parade but instead fell in love with their opening act Winter Sleep and didn’t even stay to see wolf parade. i bought WS’s CD and it’s great. they are AMAZING live. for a moment i felt like we were the only ones in the room. lauren and i both thought it a little weird that people were just standing around not dancing. i mean why even go if you’re just going to stand there? Winter Sleep is definitely the kind of band you can just jam out to. anyway…

we got paraded by people on the street trying to sell us stuff and ended up giving over $6 total in donations. i know, i’m stupid. i just feel kinda bad just ignoring people. lauren tried to get me to keep moving, but i say as long as i’m on the good sides of lil 5’s residents, i’m good.

so tonight is SHE AND HIM, miss Zooey Deschanel’s band, and i really want to go see them but it is $18, a long way away (i don’t really feel like driving all the way to Variety Playhouse again), and i probably won’t be able to find anyone to go with. bleh. i just wanted a picture or possibly the chance to meet her. guess that won’t happen.

so i’m kinda bummed about that, but today will be fun. somehow. i will nap, and read, and listen to my new CD,  and hopefully hang out with ashton, bree, and even miss zach. oh, and shower 🙂 and do some yoga, which i don’t really feel like doing but must. so here it goes……

<–winter sleep

this weekend

July 25, 2008

okay, so the yard sale then isn’t going to work out.

douglasville is a LONG way to drive to do something like that, so i’ll probably just sell my stuff with my aunt at her upcoming yard sale.

i was supposed to go see Tilly and the Wall tonight with shenea but she bailed, and so i asked ashton but she has orientation tomorrow really early, but she’s gonna go with me to see She and Him next tuesday at variety playhouse! i’m really excited! it’s Zooey Deschanel’s band. and then next monday Lauren is going with me to see Wolf Parade. we got free tickets from WREK. so i’m pretty stoked about that as well.

and tomorrow, well i guess later today actually, i’m going to hang out with elsie and stef!! and i’m so excited! i literally haven’t hung out with them in about a year. i love them and we have so much fun, so i can’t wait.

and tonight i hung out with justin again. i don’t really know what to say about that other than we have fun together.

so now i will finish listening to modest mouse and finish typing this and might just go to bed. i might.

<–tilly and the wall

<–she and him

<–wolf parade

all the above bands are great in their own distinct ways. check them out and see what you like.


July 24, 2008

so here’s what i’m doing right now, not that you really care but here it is anyway.

i will warn you, you might think it strange and to a point it is, but this is me anyway.

blah blah blah

okay, so there you have it.  i like to take pictures of things.

and now i’m talking to shenea on the phone. we’re having a yardsale this friday and saturday, which i might have already mentioned.

i’ll keep ya posted.

clean room!!!

July 24, 2008

okay, so today i cleaned my room!!

that’s a big accomplishment for me 🙂

i moved some things around and took some posters down. it’s still a little cluttered, (but i’m a cluttered person) and there’s this big spot on my wall that is completely empty and looks weird, but i am happy.

cleaning and changing sheets makes me feel happy. i feel refreshed and clean 😉

me and bry visited new life again tonight. there was a new guy that preached (he’s a possible new youth pastor). it was a good message. i’ve heard it like 500 times but it was still heartfelt and i could tell he cared. he spoke about seeing dead people (dead spiritually) and showed the clip from the Sixth Sense.

he’s a nice guy. i wish i could’ve stayed after and gotten to know some people or talked with Stef or pastor, but bryan wanted to go home so we did. btw, he’s been practicing guitar and is on his way up there. he can play a couple nirvana songs, not all the way through yet though. but he’s teaching himself and i think he’s got what it takes and is already pretty good.

here’s some pics of my *clean* room

well, it seems clean to me. like i said, there’s clutter, but i’m satisfied.

my brother braydon was walking around with a leg brace on for no other reason than he likes to be weird.


July 23, 2008

i recently got back from a week long Philadelphia trip with some of my best friends.

it was an interesting one. and we have the pictures to prove it 🙂

<-going to Wildwood, NJ

<-on the Jersey shore

<-ashie and myself ;P

<-Bree and myself.

<-in some park in downtown philly

<-waiting in the rain for the fireworks to start on the fourth of July

so i haven’t posted anything in quite a while. i’ve been uber busy with work and other things. i don’t know when the last time was that i just stayed home and hung out with my family.

i’ve been hanging with justin a lot lately. i’ll mention him later.

and then this weekend is my yard sale with shenea! we’re going to sell some of her mom’s stuff, some of our own clothes, and some hand crafted artwork.

^my hand-painted-bottles-turned-flower-vases. and miss shenea